Terror Haunts is a year-round global entertainment venue serving up exclusive branded terror haunts. We remix the old school themes of horror including ghosts, ghouls, witches and zombies and repackage them with today’s most feared modern threats such as bigotry, hate, anger, psychiatric drug iatrogenesis induced suicides and mass shootings, workplace and domestic violence, radicalization, terrorism, extremism, gangs, cartels and other violence themed haunts.

We know what your fears are. Be afraid. Be very afraid. #GetScared at Terror Haunts.

Terror Haunts experiences include live and online entertainment venues, terror pop-up shoppes, themed parties and celebrity costume events plus our exclusive Museum of Terror, Violence, Bigotry and Fear. We also deliver original Terror Haunt media for film, web and mobile complimented by our branded merchandise.

Terror Haunts non-profit subsidiary socially responsible initiatives focus on anti-anger, anti-bigotry, anti-violence, anti-terrorism and anti-psychiatric iatrogenesis events. Grants from the foundation provide anger and stress management programs and terror trauma therapies with additional high tech mental health optimization solutions offered via PsychBots.com and RadicalReprogramming.com