9-11 Terror Haunts Launch


TERROR HAUNTS, the year round, nationwide terror themed entertainment venue announced the launch of its events, museum, media, branded merchandise and philanthropic foundation subsidiary which provides comprehensive therapeutic services to heal terror trauma. 

With a soft opening appropriately hosted on 9-11, the anniversary of the most catastrophic terrorist attack in America and the world, Terror Haunts aims to take terror where fear has never quite gone before. Terror Haunts personifies the commodification of fear by repackaging what people are most afraid of and serving up fright in multiple chilling entertainment themed venues. Terror Haunts

The Terror Haunts experiences deal with themes of terror, bigotry, hate, anger, violence and of course, fear.

Ghosts, ghouls, witches, zombies, terrorists, radicals, extremists, evil psychiatrists (aren’t they all!) and psychotics along with gangs, drug cartels, suicidal and homicidal addicts and other monsters of terror and social ills are all on parade at Terror Haunts venues.

The venues are hosted at haunted houses, abandoned mental and state hospitals, asylums, torture chambers, prisons, forests and farms across America. Initial venues open this month in California, Colorado and Nevada with ambitious plans for national expansion to other key locations on their gory grid.

Visitors will also enjoy the Science of Fear and other exhibits hosted at the Terror Haunts’ own Museum of Terrorism, Violence and Fear which has been meticulously curated with the Connoisseur of Terror experiences and a diverse demographic of terror haunt aficionados in mind. 

Branded Terror Haunts merchandise and photo opportunities with top terror talent and celebrities are just a few of the inciting amenities available for purchase on location or online at their new website www.terrorhaunts.com

Terror Haunts also offers themed events (including birthday and corporate events) and parties for fans of the terror haunt experience.

A-List celebrity events with actors, pro-athletes, socialites, recording artists and business icons are a huge draw for the organization. Visitors can also attend exclusive screenings of original Terror Haunts content written and produced by Rhonda Coleman Albazie at EntertainmentExecutives.com and other filmmakers. Terror Haunts presents live action performance plays and content made for films, television, new media including web and mobile devices.

Coleman-Albazie, a healthcare, medical and technology futurist, serial entrepreneur and passionate philanthropist is on a high impact mission to optimize mental health via innovation and resolve anger, bigotry and conflict that results in psychosis, suicide, mass shootings, violence, radicalization and terrorism.

Most remarkably, the haunts house has created a philanthropic spin-off to address the effects of fear and unresolved terror trauma. The Terror Therapy Foundation hosts anti-anger, anti-bigotry, anti-violence, anti-terrorism and anti-psychiatric iatrogenesis events to pay it forward, helping at risk demographics and the masses heal from unresolved anger, abuse, bigotry, hate, fear, violence and terrorism. Among the roster of socially responsible initiatives, The Terror Therapy Foundation provides anger and stress management programs along with terror trauma transference therapies along with high tech mental health healing provided by PsychBots.com and RadicalReprogramming.com

For more information on Terror Haunts and its roster of frightening fun fulfillment visit www.TerrorHaunts.com  Get Scared.