Fear Becomes Us

People are interested in and motivated to engage entertainment that scares because quite frankly, fear becomes us. Living the America Dream, in comparison to other countries is relatively safe. In the United States we are a country bound by law and order. We do not worry about the day-to-day violence that people in other countries experience as a way of life. Most of us do not live in war zones nor fear for our lives the way one might if, for instance, they lived in the war torn Middle East, South America or parts of Africa.

Being a passive consumer of horror media such as the zombie cult series, The Walking Dead or Fear of the Walking Dead and investing in high ticket ($100.00+ per person) events such as Universal Studio’s Zombie Experience in Los Angeles is the type of activity that people engage in to escape the realities of a routine (and clearly safe) life.

We pay to be frightened as a form of entertainment because we have the privilege to do so. While sitting down in a relaxed state and watching horror media is a passive activity, attending a horror event such as a haunted house or haunted maze is an active event. Active in the sense that you have to take action in purchasing a ticket for admission then drive to the location of the venue and walk, run or scream throughout the duration of the haunting. You are active in the sense that you are burning calories, building adrenaline and gaining a great cardio opportunity to increase your heart rate.

For the privileged, fantasy fear becomes us. #GetScared and have frightenly great fun at Terror Haunts events.